About Us

Our founders, Iriz and Carlorenz, have always been strong supporters of creative endeavors and small businesses, particularly those in the crafting industry. It wasn’t long before they noticed a rising demand for personalized drinkware and discovered scarce options for sellers to meet that need. 

Iriz, a fellow personalized tumbler seller, was all too familiar with this issue and teamed up with Carlorenz, a skilled accountant with a deep understanding of finances and managing a business, to rectify it. Combined with Iriz’s market knowledge and experience, their partnership led to nothing short of exceptional. 

Cups you Trust

Founded in 2021, Basic Cups is dedicated to quenching your thirst for high-quality tumblers that support your creativity. Made with the best materials, our affordable products never compromise quality, giving you the most value for your hard-earned money. 

We provide a wide range of affordable drinkware, from blank cups and glass cans to sublimation tumblers and more, ensuring your creative resources never run dry. Our cups act as a blank canvas for you to showcase your imagination and share it with others, whether as a hobby or an entrepreneurial pursuit. And when you’re in a bit of a rut, our beautiful decals, vinyl sheets, and sublimation prints inspire imagination when you need it most. 

A Business Beyond Basic Standards

As a small, family-owned business, we understand the importance of working with people who share your values, maintain your trust, and meet your crafting needs. Our transparent approach informs you of our process and welcomes your feedback to improve our operations. 

This unparalleled service makes Basic Cups a wholesale tumbler supplier that goes beyond the basic standards so everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Browse our catalog to unleash your talents and streamline your business with cups you love from a brand you trust.