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CB09 Cutting Blade

CB09 Cutting Blade

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CB009 Blade is the most affordable replacement blade for the Silhouette and Cricut Brands.

You don't need to worry about replacing your blade for more than a few years.


1.Blade Holder

2. set of 5 of Angle 30, 45 and 60

There are 3 blade angles included which are:

Angle 30.

30° is great for large designs, reflective film and other material.

Angle 45.


45 ° is the engraving machine manufacturers use universal lettering knife, suitable for self-adhesive, PVC, reflective film, instant stickers, etc., more practical.

Angle 60.


60°is great for small and fine designs, and is generally used for cutting quite small words, its knife point is rather sharp.

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